Plotter Cutting Machine Accessories

Plotter Cutting Machine Accessories

The company is a well-known Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Plotter Cutting Machine Accessories. The company offers a wide range of Plotter Cutting Machine Accessories like blades, rollers, grit and holders among others. The Plotter Cutting Machines are used for cutting various papers such as vinyl, velvet and sticker papers among others. The Plotter Cutting Machine works like a computer printer which prints on the paper and the plotter cuts the paper. This Plotter Cutting Machine is attached to a computer and there are special programs for this function. There is a part called “Holder” which is attached to the Plotter Cutting Machine and inside the holder, there is a “Blade”. The function of the blade is to cut the respective paper in shapes or sizes as given in computer. One can cut any shape or design as desired with the help of the computer. These Plotter Cutting Machines are used for cutting bindis, stickers and tattoos as well as many other objects.

There are various companies who manufacture these Plotter Cutting Machines. Some of them are Graphtech, Rolland and Suma and none of these machines are manufactured in India. Every company has its own design of machine but it functions the same way. Added to that, every company has its own design of Plotter Cutting Machine Accessories like blades and holders etc. For an instance, Graphtech Plotter Cutting Machine Accessories cannot be used in Rolland Plotter Cutting Machines and vice-versa

Range Offered
  • Graphtech Blade
  • GCC Blade
  • Rolland Blade
  • Suma Blade
  • Graphtech 15CBU Blade
  • Roller 16mm (Rubber)
  • Rod/Grit 13mm O.D. 749mm length (S.S.)
  • Graphtech Holder
  • Rolland Holder
  • Pen Holder

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